The Beginning Frame for Thought was started after much encouragement from family and friends to showcase my photographs. In 2007 I made calendars for my parents and grandmas. At Christmas brunch other family members expressed interest and now every year I get calendars printed for those who want to buy one. I also made a website with some of my favourite photos at the time. Technically all this began because I half-jokingly put a digital camera on my Christmas list one year, never expecting my parents would ever buy me one (and for which I am eternally grateful they did!). That year (2003 I believe) I got a Canon A60 2mp camera and fell in love with taking pictures of everything.

Upgrading As the years went by I decided I enjoyed taking pictures enough to justify buying myself a better camera. I got a Canon S3 IS, which had a better zoom and higher pixel count. The next step after that was my jump to a digital SLR, which is still my current camera, a Canon XSi. The decision to buy the dSLR was influenced by a trip to Europe and a wonderful bundle sale that came with the kit lens and a zoom lens. Since then I have added a macro lens. I also have a Canon Powershot A2000, which is a point and shoot. And admittedly I take a lot of photos with my Samsung Galaxy S phone as it is easier to carry around to places I don’t need or can’t take a larger camera.

The Shop After we had moved away from home I decided to get postcards printed and see how they looked. Eventually I got some blank cards and magnets too, and now I have quite a few different little things. I opened a shop on Artfire to sell online and have done a few craft shows, the largest of which was in Fort McMurray at the InterPlay festival.

The Future At the moment I don’t have a concrete plan. I would like to do more markets/craft shows and will continue doing the calendars every year. I am just going with the flow.